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Have you been noticing your personal space getting tighter day by day? Are you noticing unnecessary things piling up and eating your space? Living in a city where world-class shopping is a thing, not to mention the vibrant restaurants and nightlife can be very exciting, and can sure be time-consuming. Being busy in everyday life might take its toll. Small things like regular disposal and proper waste management might get neglected until they pile up in your own personal space. Making sure you have a reliable junk removal service at your side can make things a lot better in these kinds of situations.

With ROMO Junk Removal South Beach Services, you can sit easy while we take care of disposing of your junk for you, giving you more time for your personal life. Our services are the best around South Beach. Our proper waste disposal, and eco-friendly methods, are well-known around the city. We also value trust and integrity in what we do, that’s why we make sure to provide reliable and quick service.

Residential Junk Removal Services in South Beach

junk removal south beach for residential

Having a cluttered home can be very uncomfortable. Your home should be the place where you relax and have peace of mind, but if it’s filled with unwanted clutter and junk, it could hinder you from getting that relaxing feeling you should be feeling when at home. ROMO Junk Removal Services offers effective residential junk removal services to bring back the relaxing and comfortable feeling your home has to offer.

Commercial Junk Services in South Beach

junk removal south beach

Your workspace is the most busy place you could be in. There are times when it gets so busy that junk and clutter pile up without anyone noticing. Research says, working in a messy work environment can drop productivity a lot. 

That’s why ROMO Junk Removal Services offers the best commercial junk removal Services there are in South Beach, Florida.

Who We Are

ROMO Junk Removal services has been in the business for a long time. We have gained experience, giving us deep knowledge in Junk Removal Services giving us an advantage in dealing with junk problems, no matter how big or small the haul is. 

We also practice great customer service, and we take pride in what we do as junk removal professionals. Making us the best choice in South Beach, Florida.

Why Trust ROMO Junk Removal South Beach Services

ROMO Junk Removal Services understands everything that comes with your junk problems. Our efficiency and reliability combined with our great customer service skills make us the best solution for your residential junk problems.

Here’s why you should choose your residential junk removal services in South Beach, FL:

Extensive Experience

ROMO Junk Removal Services has acquired great knowledge from experience in dealing with junk removal every day. We know what homeowners in South Beach Need, making us the best residential junk removal services there is in South Beach, Florida.

Professional and Reliable

Our junk removal South Beach team is made of professional members dedicated to serving all of our customers with great customer service skills and reliability. No matter how hard the haul is, we can take care of it fast and efficiently. 

Bread Range of Services

We offer many services for your residential junk removal needs. Junk hauling, appliance removal, foreclosure cleanouts, you name it we do it. 

Environmentally Responsible Behaviour

ROMO Junk Removal Services makes sure that all the rubbish we dispose of is properly segregated and follows South Miami, Florida’s disposal policy for proper waste disposal. We dedicate our services to helping the environment by making sure the waste we dispose of is properly segregated, and everything that can be reused will be recycled.

Trusted Junk Removal Service in South Beach, Florida

ROMO Junk Removal Services has been part of the most trusted junk removal circle in Florida. We offer services in multiple cities and not just in Weston. Our top-notch customer service makes us stand out from the rest. Not to mention, our quality of work is shown clearly based on our reputation, just check out those 5-star reviews. 

Furniture Removal

We remove furniture safety, no matter the size or shape. If you have unwanted furniture, call us anytime and we will take care of it for you

Appliance Removal

Disposing of appliances can be hard, most especially those wall-mounted appliances and appliances with direct contact with electricity. Call ROMO Junk Removal Services Now.

Garbage Removal

If you don’t have any idea where to start or how to segregate your garbage, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help. Disposing of garbage requires proper segregation and compliance with the local disposal policy

Construction Debris Removal

Construction sites can be full of clutter and dangerous waste. Not to mention that most of those wastes are heavyweight. If you’re too busy with your construction project and don’t have time to dispose of the construction waste yourself, we can also drop by your site to help.

Foreclosure Clean Outs

If you have problems in cleaning up the mess that isn’t yours, you can always ask us for help. We clean foreclosed properties like we clean our own. Buying a foreclosed property is hard, it comes with a lot of junk and old stuff from the old owners. 

Hot Tub Disposal

If you own a hot tub that you want to get rid of, let us know. We’ll be happy to take the job for you.

Mattress Disposal

Mattresses are one of the hardest materials to decompose; it is not easy to break down, and it can take 12 years to decompose in the junkyard. If you have any problems with mattress disposal, ROMO Junk Removal Services can help you out.

E-Waste Disposal

If you have trouble disposing of your e-waste properly, let us know. We have contacts for different recycling facilities that can get rid of those garbage. By doing this, you’re not only recycling but also saving resources and minimizing pollution from the production of new materials.

Yard Waste Removal

Everyone wants their yard to be junk-free, of course, but there are times when things get out of hand. No need to worry, just relax and let ROMO Junk Removal Services take care of your yard.

Television Recycling

TV parts have a lot of recyclable materials but also can be a handful for those who don’t know how to break up television in parts. If you have an old TV in your home, and you think it’s time to recycle it, just give us a call.

BBQ and Grill Removal

Do you have an old and rusted BBQ grill? Call us, If you want to dispose of it already.

Eviction Clean Out

Evicted tenants can be difficult for landlords. They can vandalize your place before moving out. If you’re a landlord and you find yourself in this situation, give ROMO Junk Removal South Beach a call. We’ll be willing to help you out. Book an appointment today!

City of South Beach, Florida

Junk removal south beach services

South Beach, Florida, is one of the best places to stay if you are up for the thrill. South Beach sparkles with its amazing night-life, and amazing beaches, not to mention the trend of rollerskating in the parks beside the beach. It is also well known for the art galleries, fishing spots, ang golf courses. 


I had accumulated a lot of old paperwork and confidential documents that needed proper disposal. ROMO Junk Removal service provided on-site shredding, ensuring all my sensitive information was destroyed securely. Their team was efficient and professional, providing a convenient and reliable service. I highly recommend them for any document disposal needs. – Laura H.

I recently used ROMO Junk Removal service to help clean out my attic, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team was punctual, worked quickly, and handled all the heavy lifting, making the process hassle-free. They even swept up afterward, leaving my attic spotless. I would definitely use their services again.– Johan M.

ROMO  Junk Removal service is top-notch! I needed assistance with removing a large amount of yard waste and debris, and they exceeded my expectations. The team arrived promptly, worked efficiently, and left my yard looking immaculate. Their prices were reasonable, and the customer service was exceptional. I highly recommend them!” – Zofia J.

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