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We understand that moving homes or office furniture can be challenging, especially when you have a lot of old fixtures to deal with. Finding a reliable furniture removal service can lighten up your burden. Whether you’re just moving a few pieces or need a total clear-out, these experts make removing furniture easy.

From what furniture disposal service providers, the items they handle, to the costs and factors affecting it, we will discuss in this article. With the ROMO Junk Removal Team on your side, rest assured that your belongings will reach their destination safely and sound.

Expertise in Eco-Conscious Waste Handling

At ROMO Junk Removal, we understand the difficulties and challenges of waste management. Our team are experts in efficient junk disposal and understanding of recycling, repurposing, and getting rid of waste that minimizes environmental hazards.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is an important part of our operations. Our commitment is to improve our processes continually to ensure less waste goes to landfills. By investing in the right technology and training for our staff, we are true to our promise to not only serve our customers but also protect our planet.


Junk Removal Service in 4 Simple Steps:


Schedule your appointment online or call us at 786-224-4093

Our team will call you 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.


Our team will come onsite and look at your items and will provide you with an all-inclusive price to haul away your junk.


Our team will haul your items, clean up the area and once we are done we will collect payment.


What are Furniture Removal Services?

Furniture disposal services come in to rescue you from the hassle of carrying around bulky couches, beds, shelves and more. Our expert team will take care of the entire process, saving you time and effort.

Our crew will come equipped with all the tools needed to get the job done right. From assessing your furniture and coming up with a dispatch plan, you can count on us. We will even dismantle those hard-to-move items like beds and desks for easier mobility.

And for getting your furniture from point A to point B, we’ve got the transportation equipment. We have dollies, lifts, ramps and we will make sure your floors, walls, and doorways stay scratch-free throughout the process.

We will haul your furniture away to wherever you need it–whether it’s a donation center, storage unit, or your brand new home. And if you need the removal of old furniture you’re ready to dispose of, we can take care of that too.

Types of Furniture

When you’re looking to hire services for furniture removal, knowing the different types of furniture makes moving easier. Here are some of the most common pieces of furnitures that need help in moving or disposing:

Furniture removal services

Tables: From dining tables to coffee tables, which come in different shapes and sizes. Keep that tabletop protected, especially if made of glass.

Chairs: Be it dining chairs or office chairs, we cover and strap them together to avoid scratches and bumps.

Beds: This includes mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. You might need to fold the mattress and dismantle the frames to free up some space in the moving truck.

Dressers: When transporting dressers made of wood, plastic, or particle board, it is important to handle the drawers with care and take proper precautions.

Bookcases: If filled with books, it can be extremely heavy, so it needs some extra support when moving.

Desks: Can be a work or study desk, they need some special attention. Detach extensions for easier transport.

Sofas: From sectional sofas to cozy loveseats, these can be difficult to carry – especially downstairs. Keep an eye out for fabric rip.

Cabinets: Kitchen or bathroom, these fixtures need doors and drawers removed for smooth moving.

Appliances: Fridges, freezers, washers, dryers–they need proper handling. Make sure your dispatch team is knowledgeable with installations.

The removal company will need a list of things that you need to dispatch to help them determine the right tools to bring, truck space, and the right people to get the job done without problems.

Costs and Factors

Furniture removal services may cost a lot of money, especially when there are a lot of things to dispatch, how far they should go, and any extra services you might need. Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

Size of the Furniture Items: Larger items like couches, beds, and dining tables cost more to dump than smaller items like chairs, end tables, and lamps. Bigger furniture takes up more space in the truck and requires more labor to carry.

Distance: If your furniture is located far away from our facility or its final donation/disposal destination, increased transportation costs get added into your quote. We charge fair rates based on actual miles driven and time spent hauling.

Amount of Furniture: The more stuff you need to dispatch, the higher the price. Most companies charge hourly, so the number of movers and trucks you need can really add up.

Additional services: Extra services like disassembly of furniture, appliance removal, basement clean-outs, and more that impact your final charges if required. These specialty services take more work than basic loading and hauling. Also, should there be transport challenges such as stairs, elevators, or constricted spaces, these may further increase the rate.

Number of Furniture Pieces: The more pieces of furniture you need to haul away, the higher your removal costs will be. This is because it takes more trips and manpower to get rid the whole household of furniture than just one or two stray items.

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Junk Removal Near Me

ROMO Junk Removal Miami and Hollywood is a local furniture removal company. We can handle your junk removal needs with same-day service. For fast and efficient furniture removal service, we are the team that you can trust. Give us a call or book your appointment online.

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Take the load off of your shoulder for disposing of your old furniture by hiring experts like ROMO Junk Removal. Shop around and get quotes from a few different providers. Ask how they operate, their insurance coverage, and their experience with furniture moving.

Take some time to declutter, protect your prized possessions, dismantle what you can and look out on things to make sure everything goes off without issues during the moving day.

You can relax knowing your things are secure with the reliable furniture removal team working with you. Reach out to ROMO Junk Removal today for your stress-free furniture dispatch.

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